Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rodeo Days

Dementio13's new online collaboration album 'VTOL' is about to be released to the web. Above is my DIY music video to our track together, 'Rodeo Days'. The video is a montage of archival movies about rural and rodeo life in Australia around the 1930s. The spoken words arose from my fragmented thoughts while researching the lives of my ancestors. The music is in two parts - the first is primarily beats-driven and the second more lushly melodic. Paul and I usually collaborate together between Australia and Wales as the cyber-duo Cwtch. This track is a surprise visit from me on his main music project, and is just one of the collaborations on VTOL.

Nita Disaster in San Jose, USA is the major collaborator on this musical collection. 'Pollution', with its deep themes and bouncy black humor, is my fave of the tunes. It's also a joy to hear Paul in instrumental collaboration with Douglas Deep on 'Stelian'. I've been a follower of their solo music for many years. The collaborations with Snippet and Alone are ace, as are Paul's solo instrumentals. That's all I know of what's to be on VTOL for now. It will be released on Feb 15.

Note: Video images are from the NFSA's wonderful 'Australian Screen' website. The music video is personal and non-commercial so I'm hoping they will forgive my little piracy.